Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower // A big strong tower yeah // She's got the power to be // The power to give // The power to see


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Lily Rabe on Stevie Nick’s appearance in American Horror Story: Coven

Regard Magazine April 2014 featuring Lana Parrilla

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make me choose: plastics posse or team peds [asked by tunnelvisionedd]


i just don’t understand how some people have never watched buffy the vampire slayer.

But Misty’s fingers are on her belly and she’s here, she’s here, flesh and bone and warmth and she kisses Cordelia’s skin like she’s everything that matters in the whole world. She’s slow, and sweet, and when she looks up with a smile, Cordelia thinks she could just break, could explode, could burn like the sun with how much she feels for this sweet, sweet girl.

Misty smiles, and Cordelia sighs, and it’s good, it’s good, it’s so good. Cordelia wraps a hand through those flyaway curls and holds on, something like an anchor, something like a reminder. Misty kisses her way up the exposed expanse of Cordelia’s torso, lips all too loving as Cordelia shivers just at the softness of her touch.

i have all these vaguely scene-like cordelia x misty images floating around in my head and i want to write but i don’t know what to do with them, don’t know how to organise them into something even resembling a fic. like i wrote this, but i don’t know where it fits in the context of a story or narrative of some kind?

so please, please, dear foxxay fandom, send me some prompts???? i am fickle and time poor and haven’t written in forever, but i really, really want to try! pleaaaaaaaaase <3

my bestfriend was over today and she was messing about on my computer (totally fine) bUT SHE FUCKED UP MY BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR, LIKe she collapsed things so its only the images not the words?

and like. DO YOU NOT KNOW ME AT ALL. i just. I HATE CHANGE. I HAVE WEIRD FIXATIONS ON HOW THINGS I LOOK> i know she was just trying to help, and its very sweet, but ask???? i had it set up very much to my liking so that some were collapsed, but this was in between others that wasn’t, and it was very neat, and clean, and kind of like a pattern, but it looked very nice and nooow. NOW. I DONT LIKE IT. IT MAKES ME VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

i can probably figure out how to get the words back, but i don’t really remember the specific order they were in, just that i really liked them that way and this is probably an overreaction but, but, WHYYYY??






When you’re writing aND YOU CAN’T FIND THE RIGHT WORD



you’re welcome


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Lana for Regard Magazine, April 2014 issue.
  • 1: Is there a boy/girl in your life?
  • 2: Think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them?
  • 3: What do you think of when you hear the word “meow?”
  • 4: What’s something you really want right now?
  • 5: Are you afraid of falling in love?
  • 6: Do you like the beach?
  • 7: Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?
  • 8: What’s the background on your cell?
  • 9: Name the last four beds you were sat on?
  • 10: What's your ideal date?
  • 11: Honestly, are things going the way you planned?
  • 12: Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
  • 13: Would you rather have a poodle or a Rottweiler?
  • 14: Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?
  • 15: Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
  • 16: What is the best emoji that portrays how you are feeling right now?
  • 17: How long have you known the last person who has texted you?
  • 18: Describe your style.
  • 19: What type of person would your best friend set you up with?
  • 20: When did you last talk to the last person you shared a kiss with?
  • 21: If you knew you had the right person, would you marry them today?
  • 22: Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
  • 23: How many likes do you have on your FB profile picture?
  • 24: Is there a certain quote you live by?
  • 25: What’s your favourite tumblr? Why?
  • 26: Do you have any tattoos?
  • 27: Thoughts on owning an orange car?
  • 28: When will be the next time you'll kiss someone on the lips?
  • 29: Do you like talking on the phone?
  • 30: What do you smell like right now?
  • 31: Are you currently shaved or not?
  • 32: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
  • 33: What are you wearing right now?
  • 34: What body part do you get complimented for most?
  • 35: Say the last person you kissed was kissing someone right in front of you. What would be your reaction?
  • 36: Were you single on Valentines Day?
  • 37: Are you friends with the last person you had sex with?
  • 38: Describe a couple you are friends with.
  • 39: Describe a friend.
  • 40: Have you ever cried over a text message?
  • 41: Where’s your last bruise located?
  • 42: Can you play any musical instruments?
  • 43: Last time you wanted to be away from somewhere really bad?
  • 44: Last time received and given flowers?
  • 45: Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?
  • 46: Do you wear hats?
  • 47: Rihanna or Katy Perry? Why?
  • 48: Breakfast or Dinner? Why?
  • 49: What colour is your bedroom?
  • 50: Top 3 web-pages?
  • 51: Do you know anyone who hates shopping?
  • 52: Does anything on your body hurt?
  • 53: Last time you've had sex?
  • 54: What was the last food and/or beverage you spilled on yourself?
  • 55: What battery percentage is your computer and phone?
  • 56: What do you usually do first in the morning?
  • 57: What was the last dream you had?
  • 58: What was your favourite song when you were younger?
  • 59: Summer or Winter? Why?
  • 60: What are you doing tomorrow?
  • 61: Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
  • 62: When will be the next time you text someone?
  • 63: Where will you be 5 hours from now?
  • 64: What were you doing at 8 this morning?
  • 65: This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
  • 66: Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
  • 67: What would you change your name to?
  • 68: How many children do you want?
  • 69: Favourite time of day?
  • 70: How many windows are open on your computer?
  • 71: What type of wallet do you have?
  • 72: What is your ringtone?
  • 73: Ideal house?
  • 74: Where is your Mum right now?
  • 75: Why aren’t you with the person you were first in love with or almost in love?
  • 76: Have you held hands with somebody in the past three days?
  • 77: Are you friends with the people you were friends with two years ago?
  • 78: Do you remember who you had a crush on in year 7?
  • 79: How many contacts do you have in your phone that start with the letter A? H? L? T? Z?
  • 80: Have you ever fallen asleep on public transport?
  • 81: How many people have you liked in the past six months?
  • 82: Has anyone seen you in your underwear in the last 7 days?
  • 83: Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
  • 84: You’re drunk and yelling at hot guys/girls out of your car window, you’re with?
  • 85: If your BF/GF was into drugs would you care? What if they weren't?
  • 86: What was the most eventful thing that happened last time you went to see a movie?
  • 87: Who was your last received call from?
  • 88: If someone gave you $1,000 to burn a butterfly over a candle, would you?
  • 89: What is something you wish you had more of?
  • 90: Have you ever trusted someone too much?
  • 91: Do you sleep with your window open?
  • 92: Do you get along with girls?
  • 93: Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
  • 94: Does sex mean love?
  • 95: You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, is that a problem?
  • 96: What songs have been "recently added" in your iTunes?
  • 97: Did you sleep alone this week?
  • 98: Favourite song?
  • 99: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 100: A random fact about yourself?